Zankou Chicken Recipe

  • 10 Mins

    To prep

  • 1 Hrs

    To cook

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Zankou Chicken Copycat Bowl Using their Chicken with Brown Rice Pilaf, Armenian Garlic Sauce & Lemon Scented Carrots. Serve with hot peppers and pickled turnips to get an entirely authentic experience.


    At a skillet include chicken broth, rice, butter, pepper and salt (I use 1? 4 tsp of each to your rice)

    Bake rice from the oven for 60 minutes.

    Approximately half an hour to the rice cooking period, begin the carrots and chicken.

    In a big bowl, combine the chicken, carrots, pepper, salt, two tbsp canola oil and lemon zest.

    Spread on a pan and roast in the oven along side the rice, for approximately 25-30 minutes.

    That which ought to be done and ready to come out of the oven in precisely the exact same moment.

    Drink the pilaf with carrots and chicken.

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